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We hope the reason for wearing a face mask goes away soon. In the meantime, HeartForm.

Breathe Easier


An ingenious new product created by HeartFormSF promises to radically improve the comfort level of mask-wearers globally in the era of COVID-19



Fits in most face masks and makes them more comfortable and breathable

Dome shaped shield rests under your nose to prevent mask material from going in your mouth

$1.00 of every order will be donated to the World Central Kitchen

It is made in the USA of FDA approved medical grade material, it is reusable and durable

$1 of every order will be donated to charity

Dominic Peralta

Founder/Industrial Designer

Stellar Design

San Mateo, CA



We welcome the opportunity to work with businesses to provide HeartForm to your employees or organization members. And with wholesalers who would like to resell this product.

We can add your web address, company name or slogan to the front of HeartForm.

You can also choose from a wide variety of colors for your branded HeartForm.

The cost per unit varies on quantity and level of branding.

Please contact us at info@HeartFormSF.com so that we can discuss your needs.


"What makes this so great, is how much more comfortable it makes breathing. It feels like normal breathing instead of sucking air through a cloth. It lifts the mask far enough off my face and it is so easy to clean the HeartForm after each use, that everything feels cleaner all the time."

Marc M.

Newport Beach, CA


Hi! We are Paul and Maggie, inventors of HeartForm. Long time entrepreneurs and adventurers, we spent decades working in tech before starting and running two companies. Travel is a passion and has taken us all over the world.  Our last voyage was living aboard a 48' sailboat for five years and scuba diving throughout the Caribbean and Latin America. Our journeys have made us extremely resourceful and adaptable to whatever life may throw at us.

We are settled in San Francisco now and along with the rest of the world are facing the ultimate unforeseen circumstances, Covid-19. We were determined to explore what IS in our control to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. Wearing a face mask is one of the simplest ways to protect ourselves and others. We preferred the double layer cloth face masks as they seem to offer the most coverage. But we were inhaling fabric with every breath and felt as if we were suffocating.

Paul began working with some flexible wire and created a shield that fit between mouth and mask.  It naturally took on the shape of a heart and HeartForm SF was born.

Friends and family tried it and loved it. They recommended to still others. We kept tweaking, designing and retesting until we had a final product that is medical grade, reusable, easy to use and inexpensive. We wanted to make this affordable for everyone. Most rewarding is that our front line workers can now breathe more easily when wearing masks. 

From our hearts to yours, we're wishing you all good health, protection and easy breathing.




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