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A Basket of Thanks!

The month of November is usually my favorite month of the year. I treat it like a New Years celebration where you look back at the year and think of the highs and the lows, the challenges, the fun, the travel. And I count my blessings and feel gratitude. I look forward to being with loved ones on Thanksgiving so we can celebrate all that has happened in the year. Oxford dictionary says the definition of Thanksgiving is “the expression of gratitude, especially to God”.

Finding gratitude in 2020 is going to be a big ask!!

Earlier in the year we all joked about 2020 being the worst year ever and we couldn’t wait for it to be over! But now we are not so sure 2021 is going to be a whole lot better. The election, the division, the social upheaval, the pandemic, the economy, climate change, safety of travel, wearing masks, a vaccine, etc are all still challenging with no easy fixes. Life across this planet of ours has been upended. We have lost so much and are grappling with new norms, with no End By Date.

The holidays are going to be a bit tougher too, no doubt about it. It starts for many of us with the even more fraught than normal question of who do we celebrate with? Is it safe to travel? Do I get tested, and ask family and friends to get tested? Do I need to quarantine after flying? Do I stay home where the risk of infection is minimal? Do I volunteer to feed others and how do I do that safely? This constant risk/reward calculation is exhausting.

But we will get through this! Stay healthy and grateful. And count your blessings. Do not despair. Love the ones you are with, walk in nature, laugh often and stay hopeful and determined. We are in this together, we will see better days!

On a personal note, we have a huge reason to be grateful as Paul is fine and healthy after a diagnosis of a very aggressive form of cancer last December. We are also grateful for the purpose we have in working to get the HeartForm mask inserts to everyone who struggles with wearing a mask. We started the business because we knew what a big difference it made to us and felt compelled to get the HeartForm to essential workers and those who suffer from lung illnesses. We give out HeartForms to workers as we are shopping at stores, as we visit a doctor or pick up food and we thank them for keeping the country working. It makes us happy to receive a smile from them the next time we see them. And thankful when we donate a portion of our proceeds to the World Central Kitchen to support their amazing work.

And we are grateful for you, who are the early adopters of HeartForm. And for every time you tell a friend how much the HeartForm helps you. Thank you for spreading the word to others. Thank you being a customer. And thank you for wearing your masks and helping to keep others healthy. That is a very giving thing to do every day.

I feel better already.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

From our hearts to yours,

Maggie and Paul