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Believe in the Holiday Spirit

As daily Covid cases are at, or near, their All-Time high, I think we are all searching for ways to connect with the traditional joyous spirit of the holiday season in such troubling times. We want to feel the pure joy and wonder of the season, as a child feels while looking at holiday lights and believing that magic can happen at any time. And that Santa will bring them toys.

I often feel lost trying to navigate our ever changing and complex landscape of regulations and restrictions. The constant weighing of the risk/reward of doing something as simple as a walk in nature. Or something more complex like shopping or visiting with friends outdoors. Much less the very complex issues that arise over travel and whether to spend holidays with loved ones who live outside our household. It can definitely take the Joy and Magic out of the season.

I know that I am seeking comfort and love right now, more than ever. And one of the ways I have found some level of joy is by giving to others. In seeking more of that joy, we decided to spend the month of

December giving HeartForm mask inserts to essential and frontline workers who keep us

fed, and safe and heal us when we are ill. We have given to doctors, a radiation center, nurses, dentists, retail workers, delivery workers, maintenance personnel, non-profit centers whose work never ends, food banks as well and police and fire personnel.

The firefighters were the most fun, partially because they

also organize a toy drive and are so happy to receive toys and mask inserts! In giving, we received smiles and gratitude which was exactly what we were trying to give! It was magnified and we all felt warmed by the encounter.

We have also had a great couple of weeks working on creating some fun and interesting videos for our new You Tube Channel.

We have been collecting testimonials from customers and worked with a film director to put them into something we could share. We hope you enjoy it. And if you would like to be included, please send us your testimonial along with photo or video.

And some of the Drag Queens from the Oasis did a Fierce and Fabulous video of them

showing how the HeartForms help keep their Make-Up in place so the show can go on! Virtual or not, they must look great. We were working together on a fun giveaway performance with the Queens, but the lockdown has put a stop to that for now. We Believe we will be able to do it in the future.

Michael Phillis was the video director and he has a wonderful alter ego character called Patty from HR. Patty from HR has a lot of terrifically funny ideas of why you should wear your HeartForm!

We need to Believe right now. Belief is based on Faith, Hope and Charity.

And even though those words are sometimes tied to religion, I think they are independent and are key to giving meaning to our lives. Hope is more important than ever right now, and Hope is stronger than fear. Together we can manage the sacrifices asked of us, knowing that we can do our part by wearing our masks, washing our hands and staying distant. And Believing in the Magic of this season and that this too shall pass. Happy Holidays to You All.

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