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From Our Heart To Yours

Who would have thought that 2020 would bring so much heartache to our world? Paul and I certainly didn’t. We started the year on a high note, looking forward to some far-flung travel and new adventures.

Fate of course, intervened. We watched in horror the suffering and death that Covid has caused globally. We witnessed the effects of global warming; hurricanes, floods, fire and drought. These disasters made us acutely aware of two things. The first was how lucky we were to have a secure place to live and the resources to manage in these unprecedented times. The second, (because of the first!) was that we could not sit idly by and do nothing. We were determined to do something… anything, to find a way to contribute to the well-being of our beleaguered community.

I admit at first to being completely overwhelmed by the prospect of how to help. Then we stopped over-thinking and realized that the simplest solution can sometimes be the most effective. We understood the science of mask wearing as the single most powerful thing a person could do to keep themselves and others safe from the virus. But why the resistance?

The most common response was that it made breathing a bit more difficult. Paul has COPD and we certainly found it challenging to breathe while walking the hills of San Francisco in a mask. We ran with that notion and set out to make mask wearing more breathable, and comfortable and easier to comply with guidelines to suppress the virus.

Driven by our love of a challenge we applied every aspect of our shared backgrounds; high-tech, design, innovation and restoration. Inspired by our fearless frontline workers we channeled their determination. The initial concept was simple, create a shield to keep mask material away from your mouth so you can breathe freely. The hard part was to make sure that the material was comfortable, pliable, durable, ecologically friendly and, made from a material that can be worn on your face so close to your mouth. We learned so much about materials, hired experts and learned the best is an FDA approved medical grade material. And we thought it was important to be recyclable as we didn’t think initially that the pandemic would go on so long. Who did?

We thought with our heads, followed our hearts, created numerous prototypes and they all had a heart shape and we felt that clearly conveyed our hope that this shield could

bring a little relief from the anxiety we all feel just putting on a mask. So that is why we call our product HeartForm. We couldn’t get that domain name so we checked for and that was available. And hope that conveys a bit of the SF vibe. We are proud to be the only mask insert that is designed and manufactured in the U.S.

Please join us as we share our HeartForm journey with you and explore different aspects of our “new normal.” We’ll look at the intersection of mask wearing and public safety, globality, charity, beauty and most of all creating a healthy future for all of us. Let’s never forget we’re stronger than we realize, braver than we believe and smarter than we think.

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