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Masks and Seat Belts---Small Discomforts to Save Lives

“You can’t tell me what to do…!” “They are uncomfortable!” “It messes up my look!” “I feel restrained!” "This restricts my freedoms." Sound familiar? These are NOT quotes from “mask slackers” but voices from the 80’s when seatbelt wearing became mandatory.

By now many of us have heard of the similarities between the resistance to mask wearing and the early opposition to wearing seatbelts. Seat belts have been mandatory equipment on all new vehicles since 1968, but the first law requiring drivers and passengers to use seatbelts was not passed until 1984. Let us hope that it doesn’t take 16 years to convince the government and the people of the United States that mask wearing is not only essential but crucial, especially while we’re in the grips of a worldwide resurgence of Covid-19.

Buckling seatbelts is now one of our reflexive actions when we get into our cars. The majority of us cease to even notice our seatbelt once we have it on. Our goal at HeartForm is to make mask wearing the same. Using our lightweight mask insert can transform something that is sometimes burdensome, sometimes claustrophobic, and generally just annoying to a function that becomes routine. Being able to breathe easily, and speak clearly, while wearing a mask with a HeartForm can neutralize discomfort and anxiety, making mask wearing second nature.

The science is clear. Masks not only prevent the spread of Covid, they can also lessen the severity of an infection by limiting the amount of virus that enters the body. Bottom line, mask wearing saves lives!

It’s estimated that seatbelts have saved over 260,000 lives since 1975. The biggest dividend is that while wearing seatbelts is meant to protect individuals, donning a face mask is also intended to prevent harm from spreading to others.

How many lives can we save if mask wearing became as natural as buckling up? How soon would we be able to end this pandemic that has drastically changed the way we live our lives?

We can not imagine any ad as drastic as the one below running today in America. But do we need to consider making face masks mandatory when in public as a national law? Other countries around the world have, and perhaps we need to consider it in order to slow the spread. And in consideration of the essential workers who keep our country running. Keep the servers, delivery people, retail workers, construction crews and health care providers safe as they keep our country running.

We are grateful to our essential workers who put themselves on the line each and every day. But let us also be thankful for all of our friends, neighbors and fellow citizens who wear their masks with the intention of keeping our community and our country safe and virus free. Show your appreciation and respect to others by wearing your face mask. Help save lives.

From our hearts to yours,

Maggie and Paul

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