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"My HeartForm has made a huge difference, I don't go anywhere without it." Says product reviewer!

I'm just going to start by saying, last year, I would have never EVER thought wearing a mask would be a regular part of my life. I never thought of making sure I had disposable masks as backups and reusable masks for comfort and long wear. I never thought that face masks would be a part of my child's school supply list. I never thought about wearing a mask as a means of staying healthy. I always imagined masks were there for people that were already sick and couldn't catch more germs. To be honest, I don't know if I ever had a conversation about wearing a facial covering before this pandemic hit. I was not prepared for this change in lifestyle, at all. It has completely changed the way we would normally do things.

I had seen it in other countries on tv programs and magazines that people wore masks in all of their daily life activities. But never thought that would be an issue here. I always wondered what the reason would be that a whole country would wear a mask. Sadly, now, I know. I miss the days of walking up to people and greeting them with a hug or a handshake.

Since this is our lives now, I have a question for all of my fellow mask wearers. Do you have any problems wearing your mask? If no, How? I need your secrets! If yes, what are the problems you have?

I have been having all kinds of issues. I do still wear them by the way. I just limit the time I need to be in them. I stay home more and wait out the trip through the store and stay in the car (sad face) while another family member runs in. I don't like it but, it's for the best. I miss carelessly browsing through the store.

I have been trying to figure out different ways to make it more comfortable since this is what the future holds for us. One thing that came as a HUGE surprise is Heartform. I got an email from a company letting me know that they sent me one as a gift and I was super excited to try it out. This could be the one thing that gets me back to living again. I know that may sound dramatic but for real, I have felt so cut off from everything because I am always home and if I do go out, I am usually sitting in the car.

So, what is Heartform? Heartform is a heart-shaped mold that sits right in your mask (pretty much any face mask disposable or reusable). It's very lightweight and keeps the mask from pressing on my face or lips. It makes it feel like I'm not struggling to breathe at all. This is a serious game changer for me. It sits right in between the mask and my face. It doesn't get put into the mask or anything like that, it slides right in. It's just a small barrier that works like magic.

Some of the problems I have personally had with the mask has to do with my breathing. I mean, I can breathe but I complicate things by changing my breathing. I open my mouth, my mouth gets dry (so dry), my face feels hot, and it's the snowball effect. I have tried several different kinds of masks to try to alleviate the problem. I can say for sure, cloth masks are so much better for me to use than paper kind of disposables. The liter the material the easier it is for me to breathe. Either way, I feel like I am breathing through a towel no matter what fabric thickness.

One thing I do have to worry about with the more lightweight material masks is that it goes all the way to my lips when I breathe in. It reminds me of smelling Morning Glories and the way they stick to your nostrils. When the mask goes to my lips like that it catches moisture and if I wear it for a little while, it makes it wet. Not very wet but damp enough to be able to feel it and it's annoying.

This is more than just pandemic protection for me. I just found out a few weeks ago I had a lymphatic problem. It took a lot of testing and then more testing to figure out that it's Lyme Disease. My immune system was under so much stress that I had to keep myself away from all germs. I was at risk for catching anything and was informed that even people that recently had vaccines could be a danger to me. That's pretty scary stuff. I was on 3 1/2 weeks of antibiotics and hoped that I will be healthy after that.

My lymph nodes were getting smaller and I was feeling somewhat better. Then at my checkup, I found out that I had more problems than what I had thought. Sinusitis. That's a statement all itself. What I thought was just allergies making me feel stuffed up and uncomfortable was actually another infection. That got me 2 more weeks on another antibiotic. It's been a crazy few months.

My HeartForm has made a huge difference for me. I don't go anywhere without it. I can breathe better in my mask, my mouth isn't staying as dry, I can talk clearer in my mask too. Most importantly I feel better about it. Since masks are a part of our lives now, no matter the reason, HeartForms are a must-have for everyone. Their size makes a universal fit.

What makes it even better is they are super inexpensive. A single HeartForm is $6 and a 5 pack is $25. We love HeartForms and HeartForms loves all of us. They are sponsoring a giveaway for all of you guys.

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Wearing a mask is a necessity, not an accessory. HeartForms make it so much easier!