Pack of 3

Pack of 3

HeartForm is an innovative new product that rests under your nose and inside your face mask. Its unique dome shape shields your mouth from the mask material by creating an air pocket, so that you can Breathe Easier. It stops that feeling of suffocating so many feel when wearing a mask. The form also protects your lipstick or makeup from smearing the inside of the mask. 

HeartForm fits in most face masks and works best with form fitting masks, such as cloth and surgical masks. It is made in the USA from FDA approved medical grade material that is safe, smooth, long lasting and also recycable.

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    To use, simply place the HeartForm in your face mask and then put your face mask on as usual. The dome should rest under your nose. Adjust for comfort. It only weighs 1/8 of an ounce so you hardly know it is on your face. 

    The fit depends on your face shape. Some people have found putting double sided tape on the HeartForm keeps it connected to the mask, which is great while doing heavy exercise. Or when taking your mask on and off.

    We recommend you clean after each use, either with hot soapy water or an alcohol based sanitizer.

    If you find, over time, that the dome loses some of its shape, just place it in your palm and squeeze it. It will then hold the dome shape for a long time.

    HeartForm is made in the USA from an FDA approved, medical grade, recyclable, polypropylene. Its Biocompatibility, the capability of coexistence with living tissues or organisms without causing harm, meets the requirements of FDA 21 CFR 177.1520(c)3.1a and USP Class VI.


    Due to HeartForm being a Covid-19 health related product, there are no returns. Thank you for your understanding.


    We ship anywhere in the world.  The shipping cost is based on location and will be calculated at check out. For US customers, the Postal Service is experiencing some delays and the delivery process is beyond our control. We will send an email when your order ships so you can track the progress.

     We appreciate your patience during these difficult times.


    If you are interested in purchasing a large quantity of HeartForms for your company or organization or to resell, please contact us at We can add your company name or web address to the HeartForm.


    We believe HeartForm achieves its goal of making it easier to breathe while wearing a mask, as it shields your mouth from the mask material by creating an air pocket. That does not mean it makes face masks wonderful to wear. We hope the reason for wearing a face mask goes away soon.