"I use this product everyday."

"I don't want to leave home without it."

"I no longer feel suffocated by my mask, and my glasses are not fogging."

"This mask insert is the easiest and lightest for long shifts."

"After a couple of days wearing it I’m finding it as essential as the face mask itself."

"It was like having room to breathe even with the mask on."

"Wearing a mask is a necessity, not an accessory. This makes it so much easier!"

"I think the HeartForm is a game changer."

"As a nurse on a hectic hospital floor, it's been the most comfortable to wear for 8 hours."

"HeartForms are a must-have for everyone."

"People who find wearing a mask uncomfortable might find that the new HeartForm device improves their ability to wear a mask, particularly for longer periods of time and during exercise"

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